Building Restoration

The Kirkland team has built a solid reputation for their expertise in refurbishing Georgian buildings. Their achievements in this field are underscored by their receipt of the Europa Nostra award for their work on the neighbouring Hibernian House on Henry Street in Limerick.

This award is a recognition of their exceptional contribution to heritage conservation.

The Europa Nostra award is highly regarded in the heritage preservation community and reflects the team’s dedication to preserving historical structures. It serves as a testament a group’s ability to restore these buildings while retaining their original character and ensuring their continued relevance in the modern era.

Connectivity Is Key To Successful Business: Wired Score Platinum


Part of Kirkland’s mission has been to ensure all buildings offer the highest quality connectivity standards in the country.

1BQ has achieved a Wired Score Platinum status which means 1BQ meets meets exceptional standards for the quality of its wired infrastructure, resilience, and wireless network.

Aiming For The Highest Sustainability Standards


A key focus for Kirkland Investments has been our commitment to investing in the highest sustainability standards for our developments.

We are proud that 1BQ in Limerick is LEED Gold certified which means it meets the highest sustainability standards as outlined by the U.S Green Building Council.

Building green and building smart is in our DNA.

Our Sustainability and Global standard credentials